29 August, 2007

Indian Idol, Voice of India or SaReGaMaPa Vishvayuddh

These days we are being bombarded with reality shows of the musical kind. Three of them are running simultaneously on SONY (Indian Idol), ZEE (SaRe....) and STAR (Voice of India). All of them claim to be the REAL talent hunt show and are claiming high TRPs and contestant turnout for their show. So which do you readers think is the best show? I would like to analyse each show one by one.

1. INDIAN IDOL - This how SUCKS and sucks heavily! Want to know why? No talent at all! The piano round is over and 14 contestants have been shortlisted for final eliminations. I would say even if they LONGLIST the contestants, they can never put up a decent singer. The fault lies probably with the jury who are dramatists par excellence but poor judges of talent. It is clear even to a tone deaf person that none of the contestants are talented enough even to sing in bathrooms, yet the judges wax eloquent after each performance.The entire thrust in this show is to project the contestants as "Performers" and not singers.Thats why we have participants gaudily dressed up as rockstars and contorting their faces in all shapes and trying to put up a rock show instead of singing decently! BTW where are Abhijit Sawant and sandeep Acharya these days? Why are'nt they singing in any films or any award functions? My opinion - SONY TV, YOU GUYS JUST LOST IT, SO BEAT IT!

2. SaReGaMaPa-VISHWAYUDH -This show does have some talented singers, especially Pakistanis (Amanat, Junaid and Mussarrat) and of course Raja and Aneek. The jury too is more knowledgable but no less dramatic! The episodes where Himesh clashed with Asha Bhosale were hyped up for the sake of TRPs.Yet, the jury do manage to give unbiased views most of the times. Most importantly, there IS talent in at least some of the participants. Also, the show is trying to project singers and not mere hyped up rockstars like Sony TV. My opinion - REASONABLY GOOD SHOW.

3. VOICE OF INDIA - I started watching this show from its Indore auditions only. It is the dark horse amongst all taent hunt shows. The Indore and Delhi auditions were real eye openers for me. One after another there was a steady stream of SINCERE, NATURAL AND TALENTED singers. Their song selection, rendition, performance and presentation was fabulous. Most importantly the show is being projected as a pure singing talent hunt show and so far there doesn't appear to be any compromise on the singing quality of contestants. The show does have its fair share of drama no doubt, yet I found it to be the most watchable show if not for anything else, at least to listen to the talented singers. The singers to look out for in view are Abhaas, Sumithra Iyer, Priyaani and Toshi. MY opinion - THIS SHOW ROCKS ! GO FOR IT!

I request readers to contribute their comments freely.

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