25 December, 2006

Lata Mangeshkar v/s Asha Bhosale - is it fair to compare ?

At last I have mustered enough courage to post a topic close to my nheart albiet controversial. The topic is - Amongst the mangeshkar siblings, who's better, Lata Mangeshkar or Asha Bhosale ? I am more in favour of Asha Bhosale, although I will say that it is unfair to compare them thus. My twin criteria for arriving at the strange conclusion is VERSATILITY & RANGE OF VOICE. While Lata has a rather high pitched voice, very sweet and most difficult to attain of course, yet Asha scores over her elder sister because of her range and versatility. Asha has sung songs effortlessly in all the octaves, while Lata has restricted herself to the medium and high octaves. Can you imagine Lata singing "Dum maaro dum" or "Dil cheez kya hai" ? Same cannot be said about Asha. She has sung fair number of songs in the highest octave. Sample her "Yeh kya jagah hai doston", and "Sun le pukaar, aaee aansuon ki dhaar leke, aaj tere dwaar" just to name a few. I use the same criteria to rate Begum Parveen Sulatana much above Vidushi Kishori Amonkar. Coming to the topic, Asha has sung a greater varieties of songs including devotional, Ghazals, light classicals, Pop etc. Readers are invited to comment upon the topic ! The field is open to all. Any error of omission frommy side is regretted.

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