20 November, 2006

Laaga chunari main daag..........

This evergreen song from the film "Dil hi to hai", composed by Late Roshan and sung by Manna Dey remains a truly "Classical" composition in the sense that it more or less retains the essence of the Raaga (Sindhu Bhairavi) like "Madhuban main raadhika naachey" (Raag Hameer). Of course we do have purer Classical compositions like "Aaja gaavata mana mero" in Desi from "Baiju baawra", but most of these were sung by acclaimed masters like Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, Amir Khan or D V Paluskar etc. However in case of "Laaga chunari main daag" or "Madhuban main ...", they were sung by playback singers.
I don't know what it is that compels me to listen to this song innumerable times. I realized its timelessness when I started to practise singing this song for the annual cultural event of the college where I teach. In order to get into the song I must have listened to the song at least 500 times, but never did I feel bored ! In fact, each time I listened or sang with it, it revealed new facets to me. Here. I must add that I have not received any formal training in classical music. Yet it was my wish from the last 10 years to be able to sing this particular song on stage. This wish was fulfilled yesterday night when I finally sang it front of an audince of about 400 people ! I cannot say whether I sang it competently, but the applause was heartening, even from the younger section of the crowd, who had just had a heavy dose of modern music.

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