13 February, 2006

Return of classical melody in Hindi film music?

Refreshingly, now days we find quite a few compositions in contemporary music especially, reflecting shades of Indian classical music. Take for example, Albela sajan ayo from "Hum dil de chuke sanam",based on Raag Ahir BHairav or Rang Deeni sung by Kailesh Kher which is definately based on Raag Darbari Kanada, or Jiya Dhadak Dhadak, sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan in "Kalyug" which is based on Raag Bhoopali. Is this to suggest that we are finally going back to our roots? Hardly, I would say. But there definately an attempt to re-explore the golden raagas.
This brings us to the next question - Why are the old songs everlasting? Why do they affect us like no other melodies do? The reason is, almost all if not all were based on classical music, which from times immemorial, have been created to appeal to a particular emotion in our mind.When that happens, we become one with the music. For example, Raag Lalit, a morning Raag, explores the mood of uncertainity about the coming dawn while Raag Marwa too similarly appeals to our sense of apprahension of approaching dusk. Thus if you happen to catch a few bars of "Ek shahenshah ne banwa ke haseen Tajmahal" (Raag Lalit) at its appropriate time, there's every possibility that you will experience the oneness with the music!


CambournePat said...

Could it be that old songs are everlasting because they are good tunes, which have simply stood the test of time?

I envy you, because although I appreciate some music, I have never felt "as one" with it.

Neets said...

your other blog allows only blog-members to comment :(
doc, abot your yoga- its inertia- you'l have to kick your self out of bed to do it. its human to miss it, thats ok, but you should GET BACK TO IT A.S.A.P. thats where the will kicks in. i practice Sudharshan Kriya.
its tru that raag based music leaves a lasting impression. in a way , i feel the paki private music scene deserves a part of the credit (strictly my opinion) for bringin melodious music back apart from the regular typical filmi music. they seem to have experimented with hindustani music so beautifully that it appeals with the younger gen.. so they crave for more... listen to kamaj by fuzon, aakon ki saagar by fuzon. stings and jaal , essentially include a very subtle classical touch to their rock influenced music. nice post, doc

drsundeep said...

Sorry 'bout the other blog. Have changed the settings. Well, you've hit the nail on its head! The pakistani bands have for long been blending the classical Hindustani music beautifully with the modern rock or Pop. They also add a great sufi touch to their music e.g. Nusrat Fateh Ali or his son Rahat (Jiya dhadak dhadak and Laagi mann ki lagan etc). Even Junoon has a nice sufi component. And all this is having a cascading effect on Indian music scene, witness Paheli, Paap, Devdas, Hum dil de chuke sanam, Kisna, Mangal Pandey etc.

Srikrishna said...

well i dont call it exactly a return, since a.r.rahman was always using classical ( carnatic ) in his music. Every song of his is based od some raag or the other.
But it is good to see people other than rahman usin classical style of music