05 October, 2005

Inviting all classical music lovers

Hi there Folks !
Inviting all Indian classical music lovers to share their news, views and thoughts on what else - Indian classical music. Music is the food for soul is an oft repeated Cliche. Its not without reason that Indian classical music has been claimed to be probably the richest in its variety and in longevity. Our music is timeless and all encompassing in its appeal, whether its Hindustani or Carnatic classical. No part of our life is untouched by our music. In fact our music is inspired from the nature itself. I personally am a hindustani classical music afficionado. So, folks, get going and post your views on this blog. LET ME MAKE IT AMPLY CLEAR AT THE OUTSET THAT THIS BLOG IS NOT AGAINST OTHER FORMS OF MUSIC APART FROM CLASSICAL. OUR CULTURE HAS TAUGHT US TO RESPECT OTHERS CHOICE ALSO.

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Aakarsh said...

Thanks for posting comment on my blog.
Small correction : chhoti si baat was basu chatterjee's film(not hrishida..) who made Rajnigandha also with salil chaudhary.

hoping to see more updates/write-ups on ur blog, especially on Classical Music.